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Pitch and Facility Reservations Calendar

Booking Policy
  • To book a pitch or other club facility (e.g. the gym, the hall, the Pavilion Bar, or the meeting room) the Booker (e.g. a Team Coach or other club member) must fill in and submit the form at this link:  Monasterevan GFC Booking Form

  • Once the booking request has been processed by the Booking Administrator, the booking will display on the calendar above. Allow 24 hours for the booking to be processed.

  • Pitch bookings can only recur for a maximum of 3 months, after which the Team Coach is responsible for ensuring a new Booking Form is submitted. 

  • In ALL cases, it remains the responsibility of the Booker to make sure the details on the calendar above are correct. Under no circumstances shall the Booking Administrator (a club volunteer) be held responsible for any errors or omissions. 

  • A pitch must be booked on the above calendar for all matches and training sessions taking place, with the exception of Óg training on Friday evenings, as all pitches are already considered to be reserved for Óg training on Friday's from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Óg committee are responsible for pitch allocation during this time.

  • Similarly, the gym, the meeting room, the hall, or the Pavilion Bar must be booked on the above calendar for all events.

  • Bookings for matches will take precedence over training bookings.

  • Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis – if there are unfortunate clashes the respective coaches should resolve the matter.

  • The Booking Administrator reserves the right to allocate a different pitch to the one requested by the Booker. 

  • Should a full pitch be unavailable, the Booking Administrator reserves the right to allocate half a pitch for training sessions. 

  • Where match clashes occur it is the responsibility of the Co. Board or the Team Mentors to resolve the matter.

  • The Chairperson or person delegated by the Chairperson will inform the Booking Administrator when or if pitches are closed or unplayable.  In the event of a sudden change in weather rendering the pitches unplayable, common sense should prevail.

  • The Committee of Monasterevan GFC reserve the right to amend this Booking Policy at any time without prior notice. All decisions regarding this policy rest, at all times, with the Committee of Monasterevan GFC.

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